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My experience of Talk In The Bay couldn’t be more positive. Their location is discreet and the environment calm, with the counsellors being very approachable and friendly.  A course of sessions with Talk In The Bay has given me reassurance and direction and at the same time helped empower me to learn about myself- over my time visiting Jess I’ve enjoyed being able to focus on the events of the preceding week, without losing focus on the underlying therapeutic goals; as a result I’ve learned more about myself in the last few months than in previous 30 years. I would thoroughly recommend Talk In The Bay for anyone feeling in need of a ‘helping hand’ with life’s difficulties, whether big or small. 

My time at Talk in the Bay was invaluable and helped me tremendously. Other people in my life noticed the positive change even if they weren’t aware that I was attending counselling. The staff were very friendly, professional and respectful, and the facilities and rooms offered a welcoming sense of calm and safety, both of which I personally found very helpful in opening up. The sessions I attended really helped me in tackling my own issues and finding new methods I could employ in dealing with problems I had long since accepted as inevitable or unchangeable. I still have things I wish to work on but I feel much more confident in my personal ability to handle it thanks to my time at Talk in the Bay. I would happily recommend their services to anyone who felt they were in need of counselling.

Up and down in rapid succession, a clear sign of depression. Elated one moment, full of energy, lethargic the next, fearful and totally dark, life without a spark. I cannot cope and go into child mode. Too much wine, beer and gin, my thoughts and emotions are in a spin. What am I to do? Take medication, end it all or try to scale the wall? Then I meet Mandy from Talk in the Bay who saves the day. She helps me find a balance, swim, slim and regain hope. From child to adult mode in few simple steps and I can cope. Thank you Mandy!
I appreciate that you have tread so gently with the ‘trauma’ stuff- it helps to know that you won’t push me too far. I never felt that I had the language to explain what was going on for me before, but I feel that talking about detached protector modes etc. has helped me to understand myself more. You seemed to understand my modes right from the beginning and that was really reassuring to me. I’ve often felt with other Counsellors that they didn’t know how to deal with me (or should I say with my avoidant protector). I’ve never felt like that with you.